Look for eternity with the heart.

I see you have lost your understanding of what is good. Just because you mourn? Because you ache? Because you are hated on my account? Did I not tell you ahead of time that these things would be true, and yet you are surprised by them.

Oh, child. You have forgotten to believe in my Spirit above your troubles. You have forgotten that through my Spirit I would continue to teach you, that Christ is always with you. Your unbelief and lack of faith are a sad state to your heart, for I am greater than even your biggest enemy. He has already been judged. His time is already up. You can rejoice in me even in the thickest of sorrows because I am Truth, I am eternal, I am your deliverer.

I chose you. You did not come to me. Nay! You do not have anything good within you apart from my Beloved Son. He came to your rescue because we loved you long before creation.

So I allowed for you to stand on the precipice of faith and unbelief, and you are angry with me for this? For not making each place you go carefully protected? Never. I never said that would be the way of this life. I said the opposite because I want you to believe in me. I want you to stand in the middle of the battlefield, in the midst of the fire, the raging sea, even in the mouth of the lion and declare your faith in the One who will rescue you from the most impossible places. I want you to find your deepest joy in Me without using as a crutch something of this world that will just rot away. Even your body, your health, your family, all of the gifts I bestow on you there I do out of kindness, but! But those things will whither and pass away, they are just a foretelling of my grace and goodness to come. They are a gift to help you understand in your spirit ahead of time what I have planned for you when you are with me.

Everything I have planned for your life, everything I allow, as I did with Job, is for your benefit, though you cannot see now.

Allow my Spirit to teach you in the quiet meditation of your heart. Do not delay the Truth with your human unbelief, your misperceptions, your inability to see the whole picture. Jesus came to free you and bring you the Spirit so that you can learn even more than your mind could possibly comprehend, because He teaches in the heart.

Do not allow your heart to grow cold or hard, but surrender those tendencies and temptations of your human nature and let me do my work. You will see, dear one, but you must be looking with eternity in your heart, not with your eyes, for what is present will soon pass away. Be careful to secure your undivided devotion to me, for I am eternal and have all things in mind each passing moment of your brief life. Watch for eternity with your heart and do not trade what is eternal for what will rot away when my Kingdom is fulfilled.


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